What Are the Benefits of Wearing Light Therapy Glasses?

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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Light Therapy Glasses?

Portable and easy to use, light therapy glasses allow flexibility in incorporating light therapy into daily routines, offering a convenient solution for individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being through light exposure.

Written by Alex

Alex is an AYO Co-Founder with over a decade of experience in Circadian Health. His background includes technology, health & fitness, and marketing.

1. Immediately or shortly after an AYO session, your energy levels and alertness levels can be increased. AYO works like natural sunlight, suppressing melatonin production to make you more alert and awake. Over time, this adjustment can lead to a feeling refreshed and energized.


2. AYO’s light therapy glasses are a great choice for those dealing with jet lag and frequent travel. Jet lag results from disruptions in our circadian rhythm caused by time zone changes. Using AYO before and during travel can prevent fatigue and disorientation, helping you arrive at your destination feeling energized.


Fine-tune your circadian rhythm with light—it’s the key to resetting your internal clock. Managing when to expose yourself to light and when to avoid it is crucial for quickly adapting to new time zones. Properly timed light exposure significantly speeds up the adaptation process. AYO can help your body adjust to new time zones and demanding work schedules, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.


3. AYO sessions may also have positive effects on cognitive performance. According to scientific research, exposure to blue-enriched white light has been shown to improve attention, memory, and reaction times. Therefore, incorporating AYO into your daily routine can potentially enhance your mental sharpness and productivity.


4. Light therapy has been known to improve mood and reduce symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also referred to as winter blues. You don’t need to rely on conventional light therapy lamps or devices to add light therapy to your daily routine when you wear AYO glasses. By using the glasses regularly, you can effectively boost your mood and combat feelings of lethargy caused by a lack of natural sunlight.

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