Sleep and activity trackers have become an integral part of our daily lives. And yet, we still struggle to get the health and sleep we want.

No Concrete Solutions

Current devices gather information on your sleep and health but fail to provide an answer on how to improve them.

Overlooking Fundamentals

Your body’s biological foundation, the circadian rhythm, is overlooked. Yet, it is the key mechanism behind your sleep and health results.

AYO is Different

Your best sleep and health results start with you. AYO helps you use your own biology to achieve your goals.


Understanding and supporting your circadian rhythm gives results

Our 5-year research showed us that people who understood and actively supported their circadian rhythm reached their sleep, energy and health goals more quickly and easily.


AYO upgrades your health and wellness

Improve your Circadian Health

See how well your lifestyle is aligned with your circadian rhythm. Optimize your sleep dept and circadian misalignment to ensure your brain and body are at their best.

Know your natural rhythm

Get science-based insights about your natural rhythm and find out where you are in your daily cycle. For a healthier, happier and more active life, follow personal recommendations for wake-up and bedtime, meal time, physical & mental activities, and more.

Feel revitalized

Just like air, water and food, light is vital for your health. AYO provides you with a healthy and beneficial light when your body needs it the most. In addition, get guidance on daylight and artificial light exposure through the day to keep your circadian rhythm in sync.

Accomplish your goals

Whether it’s a sleep, energy or health goal you want to achieve, AYO has you covered! Follow a personalized program containing actionable advice, coupled with AYO light sessions to achieve real and lasting results.

Wellness made great

The AYO wearable’s button-free, sleek and elegant design makes it intuitive and easy to use. Made with premium materials, portable and fully foldable for your convenience. Product customization is seamlessly done via Bluetooth connection (AYOpro only).

winning design

AYO’s award-winning design and our product philosophy made it possible for you to wear AYO as little as 20 minutes per day to achieve your health and wellness goals. For the rest of your day and night, you can enjoy life disconnected from technology.

Red Dot Award

Product Design Winner

Give yourself the energy, sleep & health you deserve

Wearable AYO PRO
Lightweight 1.1oz/31g checkmark checkmark
Adjustable fit checkmark checkmark
Award-winning design checkmark checkmark
Battery life 21 days 7 days
Premium charging case checkmark checkmark
Light Therapy
Circadian Blue Light Therapy checkmark
250qm/cm2 ; ~470nm
150qm/cm2 ; ~470nm
Glare free checkmark checkmark
Customizable light session checkmark
Customizable intensity levels and session timing to best fit your needs.
Extra Features
Circadian Health Insights checkmark checkmark
Goals & Coaching checkmark checkmark
Smart Sense checkmark
Provides tracking, adjustments and smart interaction with the AYO App via Bluetooth
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