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Real people, genuine stories

We all desire to have more energy, better sleep and boost our wellness. Discover how AYO is improving the lives of thousands of people from every corner of the world.

“AYO is the first step in the personal adjustment of internal body clocks. It will help us to improve our lifestyle, to remain healthy and to keep the doctor away.”
Professor Bert van der Horst
Chairman of Chronobiology and Health,
Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands

Boost Your Energy

Boost Your Energy

Entrepreneur, Slovenia
“I usually use AYO during the day when I need to boost my energy level. So far, they’ve never let me down. They are just amazing!”
Nejc Slovnik
Police Officer, United States
“AYO is well built. I use it as soon as I wake up. It’s great because I don’t need an energy drink after wearing the device.”
Dionisio Morales III


Sleep Better

Musician, Australia
“I am challenged with chronic insomnia and I find starting my day with AYO for 30 minutes helps to get me going.”
Steven Cottingham
Consultant, Sweden
“Thanks to AYO I manage to have a good sleeping rhythm and I now make the most out of every minute of the day”
Palbo Botti

Embrace Wellness

Embrace Welness

Blogger @elladvornik, Croatia
“It’s much easier to wake up at 6am. Besides it’s cool, it’s also great for health.”
Ella Dvornik
Entrepreneur, Sloveniaj
“When days get shorter and nights get longer, AYO helps me maintain a healthier body rhythm by boosting my energy!
Mika Uhan


of AYO users reported boosted energy levels, a better night’s sleep and general vitality.

AYO’s health and wellness benefits have been clinically proven.



1 million+

light sessions


clinical trials*

*Independent studies have shown an increase in energy levels, elevated mood and better sleep.


Success Stories from our community

I'm a software dev who has periodic insomnia issues, so I'm using this device to a) bring my sleep cycle back into whack when it gets off course and b) to get a non-caffeinated bolt of energy in the morning and late afternoon. This is mostly brought on by working weird hours from time to time. I live in sunny San Diego so there is no shortage of light availability and I do get a good amount of sunlight on a daily basis. AYO does appear to help my sleep schedule but it's not a silver bullet - my diet and lifestyle have to follow suit. But what it does for my energy levels is great, and if I have a bad night of sleep it helps me forget that I did.
Beau J. Randall
United States
These glasses are a better way to treat SADs, or winter blues. I start light therapy in late summer by wearing for 20 minutes. As winter progresses I increase the time to 30, then 40 minutes. As opposed to the table top lights, the glasses put the light directly over the eyes. You don’t have to worry about sitting close enough to the table top light to be effective. Highly recommend!
Dr Karen
United States
I use the AYO every morning to set a positive vibe for my day. My experience is that it helps a great deal to offset my sluggish mornings. I am a chronic insomniac and struggle to get going after a lousy night's sleep.
I have been an AYO user since it was first released, and it is a true blessing in my life.
I’m an international model and I travel for work almost as much as a flight attendant. My job requires rested body and full energy. I wake up easily in the morning and have good energy during the day. However, falling asleep for me is difficult. Different studies seem to show that exposing ourselves to blue light in the morning can suppress melatonin and reset our body clock, which helps us fall asleep easier at night. So I decided to get the AYO and give it a go. I started falling asleep with bigger ease and enjoy a better quality sleep. Most importantly I used while traveling 16 hours and changed a 9 hours time zone , slept like I was in my own bed and the next day had a very intense sports campaign photo shoot where I had my energy and freshness.

Ivana Korab
United States
Bought this since I am living internationally and did not want to drag around my large light box. So far it's working great, maybe too great. On the minimal time of 20 min, I have to be sure to use it soon after waking up otherwise I am up late. My husband started using it recently (he does not suffer from SAD), he wanted to be a bit more stimulated and boy does he like it. At first he was using it for 40 min and was staying up late and feeling too stimulated. He's backed down 20 min and really feels that works best for him in keeping him alert throughout the day. We are both really enjoying use of this product, which has been a surprise. I like how portable it is so that when we take trips it's easy to take with me and it's well protected in its case.
I am an Airline Pilot, and Ayo caught my eye the minute I saw it. The delivery took less than two days, and after receiving it, I was amazed at how delicate these Blue-Light wearables are - they come with a case and a very detailed personalized phone app. I was able to test Ayo during one of my overnight work trips and it boosted my energy after a long-days work of crossing several time-zones. It helped me not only adjust to my destination time-zone, but I’ve already seen a huge improvement in my overall energy. I recommend this product to anyone who enjoys traveling, especially when it involves switching/adjusting to different time zones. I can guarantee that this is definitely a purchase worth your while!
Vesselin Slaveykov
United States
It is amazing how this device improves the re-alignment of the circadian cycles. If it is used daily the benefits are obvious when suddenly you stop using it. The app is also quite stable and the Bluetooth connection doesn’t require a PhD in troubleshooting- it just works, which is a rare thing for wearables. Battery last long enough to not enhance you battery life anxiety. I have been using it regularly for over a month and sharing it with my wife - we both suffer of sleep disorders - this device alleviates our pain and since I have been using it significantly improved my alertness during the day (energize program) - I haven’t tested the sleep program yet coz I am waiting for a vacation so that I can evaluate with and without the daily routines impact. Love it.
Esposito Mario
United States
I bought the AYO to try and cope with the frustration of jet lag. I had been looking for a solution for some time; the ideal answer being something pill/drug-free, consistent, portable. I was surprised (and pleased) to discover the AYO was the solution I needed from the start! The first trip I used them on (to Italy from the US West Coast) may as well have been a trip to the same timezone as my home! With the AYO app synced to my iPhone calendar I was easily guided daily through a predetermined schedule - when to use the device and when to avoid use. The overall effect was immediate and tremendous. I felt more energized, sooner, than I ever have on an international trip. I am very pleased and will continue to use on my future trips. Thanks AYO!
United States
I’ve had severe chronic fatigue for years and even though I am on the mend mornings are always my Achilles heel. I only wish the product was our years ago. I’ll be putting this in my morning routine from now on. That’s saying something.
Eoin Slattery
I used to wake up at 3am, every day, like clockwork. Falling asleep at the dinner table every night. FOR DECADES. These glasses have shifted my sleep cycles into a normal range, and I can't rave about them enough. First pair even developed a hairline crack, and the company replaced them, no questions asked. 3 sleep doctors were completely worthless, but these glasses cured me. Not everyone may have the same sleep problem as me, but for me, they are a godsend.
United States
I have purchased a couple of AYO lights and find it to be the best light on the market. I have depression and SAD and have tried a number of lights including Luminette and Phillips. AYO is by far superior product. I use the light for 1 hour every morning and there the change in mood and energy are clear. The narrow wave length used for the AYO light is the best by far, I notice a difference right away. The AYO light helps with mood, SAD and sleep regulation. I wake up regularly about 5AM, no alarm clock. The team behind the AYO light are exceptional - they are quick to respond to requests for help and place a priority on bringing the best product they can to the public.
Julie Farmer
United States
I have SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder and really struggle on dark, gloomy and cloudy days. I do have several light boxes of different sizes that sit on a flat surface but it is hard to just sit there and be still because I have so many things that I need and want to do. The AYO glasses work just as well and possibly even better than the light boxes do and I get to move around and take care of things while I get the benefit from the light therapy. I feel more alert and energized while and after I wear them! I did purchase a less expensive pair before the AYO but they were to heavy and bulky and were not comfortable so I returned them. The AYO is well worth the money. They are small, lightweight, bright and fit well on my face. I am extremely pleased with them!!!!!
C. Broyles
United States
Have been using these for about 2 winters now, and I love them! They’ve also helped me move my bedtime up an hour and my wake time to 5:30am. Tried for years to do it on my own and just couldn’t fall asleep early enough. With these glasses, I can get my blue light treatment while going about my day. Easy to use and so innovative!
Nashville Mom
United States
I had a few questions about using the Ayo under various conditions. The support rep was prompt in responding (not always the case these days), answered all my questions completely (again, not always the case these days), and helped me in the ways I needed help. I love my Ayo device and sure do appreciate the fact that the Ayo team truly cares about their customers and the results they get from using the device. 👍 😀
Robert Scheinfeld
United States
Hi, I've been using AYO for a couple of months now, and to be totally honest is one of the best products out there. I've struggled with insomnia all my life and its always generated problems in my personal life and my work productivity. I always felt tired and I wasn't able to hide it. Ever since I started using AYO with a day to day routine as if I were going to the gym. I noticed I was able to sleep better and feel more productive at work and at home. If anyone has had this kind of issues before this is a must! I should really make it clear you have to be constant to feel the benefits of this amazing gadget. I got to say you guys at AYO have a fan for life! And by the way, I want to really thank you for creating this product!!!
Juan C.
United States
I had and continue to have a great experience with GoAyo. I am very happy with the product, which works as described, and gets me through the long and dark winters. The one time I had an issue, the customer support team responded immediately and sent me a brand new replacement - free of charge. Definitely recommend!
I have been using AYO for about 10 months. This is a good piece of gear, couple weeks in sleep quality had increased (SWS 30% improved, REM 40% improved. I monitor sleep with a WHOOP) Daily energy is fantastic and overall mood is greatly improved. I used it to regulate my sleep cycle and I now consistently go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. I wake up well rested and mentally clear. As winter has arrived I use it every morning on awakening for a little mood boost in the glum weather. If I feel sluggish during the day, I can count on it for an energy boost. The customer support and interaction is World Class. I have had absolutely no technical or mechanical issues with this device.I would highly recommend this product, it will change your quality of life!
Charles Bilbo
United States
I have a very difficult time sleeping so about a year ago my doctor suggested using light therapy to help. After using a few other light therapy devices that seemed to be helping me sleep better I came across the Ayo light therapy glasses. Ayo is by far the BEST light therapy device I have used and it is the most convenient as well (especially if you are a multitasker like myself). I also LOVE the app that accompanies them.The best part though is after having used other products I can definitely tell that I sleep better when using this product instead of others. I would also like to say that this company has PHENOMENAL customer support/service! If more companies treated their customers like Ayo does the world would be a much better and happier place.
Holly Jenkins
United States


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