Meet AYO and get in charge of your energy!

AYO is a light-based, beautifully designed wearable, which is fully controlled and operated by the AYO app. Short exposure to the gentle AYO blue light enhances energy levels and alertness as well as helps optimize your body rhythm according to your lifestyle and preferences. AYO has been created with a main focus on attractive and portable design, smart capabilities and unique user experience!

Travel seamlessly

Long-haul overseas travelers often struggle when adapting to changes in distant time zones. Based on your flight itinerary and user profile, the AYO app uses sophisticated proprietary algorithms to calculate the best time for you to use AYO and to seek or avoid light. AYO can help make international travel less stressful and more productive.

Wake Up Easier

AYO can help you maintain a healthier body rhythm. Adapt your biological clock to your lifestyle in order to wake up easier in the morning, stay up late in the evening or be able to fall asleep with ease when it is time to.

Boost energy

Feeling an afternoon/energy dip? Eager to have more energy and alertness before that meeting, evening out, in those dark winter days? Exposing yourself to light can increase energy levels and enhance mood as well as bring the so much needed power boost.


AYO is based on the blue light technology for optimizing one’s biological rhythm. Numerous clinical studies in the past 15+ years have shown that blue light can play a very important role in the management of our body rhythm and help us adapt to our fast-changing and dynamic lifestyle, full of frequent traveling and irregular sleep.


AYO is a smart device. It presents a combination of an intelligent wearable product, packed with sophisticated electronics, and a software solution utilizing hundreds of algorithms. AYO follows the latest scientific studies and developments in the fields of chronobiology and light solutions for managing healthy body clock. This makes AYO so advanced - it not only tracks and provides advice, but more importantly, AYO can help you actively maintain your internal rhythm for optimum performance whenever and wherever you are!


AYO comes in the form of compact wearable incorporating special lighting solution controlled by your smartphone. Being exposed to the gentle AYO blue light in as little as 20 minutes each day helps you maintain an optimum body rhythm according to your personal preferences and lifestyle.


The intelligence behind AYO is the AYO App that guides you completely. By using the AYO App on your smartphone, you will be able to control your AYO light as well as create and monitor sleep, energy and travel improvement programs. Furthermore, you will be able to receive insights about your current sleep and energy habits and track your performance.


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